Turbocharger Repairs and Re-manufacturing

With full turbocharger remanufacturing facilities available, using the latest technologies and processes, we can offer a very cost-effective solution to turbocharger component repairs.

Turbochargers are delicate, and without the correct care and turbo servicing things can and do often go wrong. At GTS we pride ourselves on the turbocharger repair services that our expert team provide. Once you discover an issue with a broken or damaged turbocharger, anything from excessive smoke or loss of power, it’s important to attend to this as soon as possible to decrease the likelihood of further damage.

Wondering what the advantage of getting GTS to carry out turbocharger repairs opposed to you purchasing a new one?

1) In the long-term, turbo repairs and turbo remanufacturing are a more cost-effective solution than buying new.

2) We will conduct a full turbocharger examination so that any issues can be resolved, giving you peace of mind that your turbo is in full working order.

3) Downtime is significantly decreased by our turbo charger repair service,  helping to avoid disruption.

GTS repairs are available to customers across the UK and globally.

Global Turbocharger Solutions provide a 24-hour service, and every turbocharger and component repair comes with a warranty

By applying the correct techniques, most turbo damage can often be salvaged and components repaired. We have experience with general impact, vane damage, labyrinth damage, and compressor wheel repairs. We have the expertise to re-manufacture and restore your turbocharger component back to its original state, in most cases.

The Global Turbocharger Solutions Repair Process

To begin with Turbochargers are stripped down, all turbo parts are cleaned, inspected and measured to see if they meet manufacturers guidelines. Any damaged turbo charger parts are examined to determine if a repair is viable, a report on the turbocharger condition and parts condition is made with our recommendations. We have over 50 years of experience in GTS repairs and turbo re-manufacturing, allowing our expert advice to decide the best solution for your turbocharger.

Turbocharger Shaft Repairs

One of the most common issues we see is broken turbocharger shafts, often due to oil contamination that leads to oil starvation. Without enough lubrication of oil, the turbocharger shaft will not operate properly and lead to failure quickly. An early sign to look out for turbo oil starvation is heat discoloration. To help prevent oil contamination initially, ensure regular turbocharger servicing and oiling with the correct grade. Whatever the damage whether it be bearing journal damage, seal ring groove damage or surface finish wear we have the capabilities to re-manufacture your turbo shaft back to the original standard.

Turbo Compressor Wheels

Turbo compressor wheels spin incredibly quick, most peak between 20,000 TO 50,000 RPM, this mostly depends on the size of the turbocharger and weight of the parts. Some of the most common issues with compressor wheels are vane damage, labyrinth damage or general impact damage, luckily all these issues can often be salvaged by applying the correct turbo remanufacturing processes. To prevent general impact damage, ensure the air filter is efficiently collecting any dirt to stop that passing through to the turbocharger compressor.

We have experience of compressor wheel repairs on all turbocharger makes and can restore your component back to its original size in most cases.

Turbine Salvage

Blade repairs as well as “one piece” turbine wheel repairs can now be undertaken with the specialist technology we have available. We can conduct turbocharger component repairs to revert these parts back to their original sizes offering financial benefits over new components.

For more information about GTS repair services and GTS re-manufacturing, Email this link.