Napier Series 7

Napier Turbocharger Series 7 Spare Parts 

Here at GTS we provide spares, servicing and re-manufacture for the Napier Series 7 industrial turbochargers. This is the core turbocharger product from Napier, offering performance trusted by many for over 20 years. Built for marine, rail and power generation, the series 7 turbochargers make use of the latest innovations and technology, ensuring high performance through lower emissions and fuel use.

5 benefits of the series 7 industrial turbocharger

  1. Turbo compressor has a wide compressor map that uses anti-surge technology to increase the surge margin, making it highly durable and cost effective.
  2. The turbine has optimised airflow to allow better performance. This uses the lowest possible amount of fuel.
  3. The baring and casing on the series 7 are built to ensure reliable results.
  4. Built with a innovative shaft sealing meaning there’s no leaks even with low engine loads.
  5. The 7 series is air cooled and can operate at higher pressures compared to any previous Napier turbocharger series, making it a superior product.

We stock spare parts for the following: NA297, NA357, NA457, NA307, NA397. All spare parts are vigorously tested before use to ensure optimum performance. For all your enquiries please call us on +44 1522 702025