Turbocharger Service

Whether you require a full turbo rebuild service on site or just turbocharger reconditioning, we have the experts and full workshop facilities to fit your needs. Ship, Power Plant Train or Oil Rig — our turbo specialists have the answer.

You may not require a full turbocharger re-manufacture but require turbocharger reconditioning or repair. turbocharger, whatever the issue, we are here to help! Our turbocharger rebuild specialists provide an expert service to ensure all turbo components are performing accordingly.
In most cases we can provide full turbocharger restoration, putting it back to its original condition. Using fresh napier turbo components, we ensure that your turbochargers can continue to perform and cost considerably less than a complete turbo replacement.
We provide napier turbocharger restoration services from our bespoke tailor made workshops or send one of our field turbocharger engineers to visit you, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Lincoln Turbocharger Workshop

Our full workshop overhaul takes place in our Saxilby, Lincolnshire HQ where our trained turbocharger rebuild specialists will service your equipment. We have the latest technology in-house ensuring all turbocharger servicing is performed to the highest standard.

With factory trained personnel covering most major turbocharger brands, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to ensure your napier turbo equipment is kept in the best condition. We use our napier turbo remanufacturing capabilities to offer cost effective solutions to major turbo repairs.

As part of our full workshop overhaul, you can expect detailed repairs of all leading turbocharger brands, including napier turbo servicing and napier turbo remanufacturing. By conduction turbocharger repairs inside our factory, we ensure that there is minimal contamination by using dedicated working areas, and ensuring balancing of rotors and shafts, fixing static unbalance, couple unbalance, semi-static unbalance and dynamic unbalance.

Turbo Repair Field Service

We understand the impact machinery downtime can have, that’s why we operate 24/7- 365 days per year, we’re always on hand to help. Our skilled turbocharger field engineers can be dispatched at short notice, and with our global coverage you can be assured that we will have personnel on site very quickly to deal with your turbochargers. We are totally focused on ensuring fast napier turbo repairs so that minimal disruption occurs. As part of our turbocharger rebuild field service, our team will provide bespoke maintenance solutions to suit your needs.

Call us today to discuss our service options further: 01522 702025

Napier Service

We offer a detailed turbocharger service of all leading turbocharger brands, including Napier turbo servicing. This can be completed as a full workshop overhaul or as part of a field service if you require an expert to visit on-site to complete the napier turbo service. As we operate on a global level, we can send out on our experts to work on your napier turbos efficiently and ensure you have minimal machinery downtime. We can offer turbocharger servicing on the early models right through to the newest Napier 8 Series. As leading napier turbo experts, we have over 50 years knowledge in our team. From napier turbo restoration to napier turbo rebuild, you can trust GTS to get the job done properly.

If you’re unsure if a workshop overhaul or a field visit is best for you, call one of our napier turbocharger experts today on 01522 702025 to discuss your requirements.