Our Napier Servicing Process

We offer a unique, specialist service

Global Turbocharger Solutions offer some of the most innovative, top quality processes when it comes to our napier services. Developed with our customers and our efficiency in mind, we are able to offer napier servicing solutions which are not only exceptional quality, but also are completed in a much shorter time than some of our competitors. Faster lead times mean that our customers can get back to business and disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Napier Servicing Solutions For Your Turbocharger

To begin with, the napier turbochargers are stripped down and all turbo parts are cleaned. Once cleaned, the napier turbo parts are inspected and measured to see if they meet manufacturers guidelines. Any damaged napier turbocharger parts are examined further to determine if a repair is viable, and a report on the condition of the napier turbocharger and its parts is made with our recommendations in mind. Our napier specialists have over 50 years of experience in napier turbo repairs and turbo re-manufacturing, enabling us to offer expert advice when it comes to deciding on the best servicing solution for your turbocharger.