Napier 5 Series Turbochargers

What Are Napier 5 Series Turbochargers? 

Napier 5 Series turbochargers benefit from improved fuel consumption compared to previous turbocharger models, reduced thermal loads on the engine, meaning better thermal efficiency, and overall an increase in power.

Napier 5 Series Turbocharger Spare Parts

Global Turbocharger Solutions are independent suppliers of napier turbocharger compatible parts and have extensive knowledge of napier turbochargers, allowing us to offer expert repairs and servicing options.

We stock napier spares for the napier 5 Series, as well as offering servicing options for these industrial turbochargers. Our 5 Series napier turbo spares include casing, compressor end bearings, nozzle rings, turbine end bearings, labyrinth seal plates and more. We offer spares for NA295, NA355, NA455, NA155 and NA255.

Here at GTS all spare parts have undergone vigorous testing to ensure quality before dispatch, and we have new spare parts come in for all napier turbochargers every single day. In addition to supplying napier turbo spare parts, our servicing options including Series 7 napier repairs, re-manufacturing and general maintenance. We also offer full workshop overhaul and a specialist napier repair field service.

Which Napier 5 Series Models Do We Stock Spare Parts For?

  • NA295 Turbocharger: Our napier Series 5 spare parts include spares for the NA295 napier model. We offer a wide range of NA295 spare parts, such as the 5 Series thrust collar which helps ensure even distribution of forces.
  • NA355 Turbocharger: GTS offer a variety of NA355 replacement parts, such as the NA355 labyrinth seal plate and 5 Series compressor end seal ring. We also offer napier turbo repairs for the NA355 and 5 Series models.
  • NA455 Turbocharger: We offer spares for the NA455 napier model as well as servicing options. Contact GTS to discover our range of 5 Series napier spare parts.
  • NA155 Turbocharger: We stock 5 Series Napier Turbo spare parts for the NA155 turbocharger. Included in our range of NA155 turbocharger spares is the nozzle ring, which helps divert the flow of exhaust gasses through the turbine shaft to alter shaft speed.
  • NA255 Turbocharger: Our napier turbo specialists offer a wide variety of spares for the NA255 napier turbo, as well as repairs, re-manufacturing and other servicing options.

Get In Touch To Discuss Napier 5 Series Enquiries

Our napier turbo specialists have vast experience of working to repair and restore 5 Series turbochargers. Global Turbocharger Solutions are open 24/7 so that we can be on hand to offer you advice and support when you need it the most. As we know how important it is to get business back to normal, as quick as possible, we aim to offer short lead times on napier 5 Series spare parts. In addition to this, we offer a 5 Series napier repairs field service where we can send out our experts to you when you aren’t able to come to us.

We offer a range of napier compatible spare parts, including discontinued napier spares that are difficult to find elsewhere. All of our 5 Series napier turbo spare parts are vigorously tested before use to ensure optimum performance. For all your enquiries please call us 01522 702025 on or find our full contact details by clicking here.