Napier Industrial Turbochargers

GTS are independent experts in napier turbochargers. The brand are the industry leader for industrial turbochargers and have been designing and manufacturing them for more than 50 years. Trusted by many worldwide, we are proud to offer a range of services as independent experts.

GTS are independent specialists in napier turbochargers, with vast experience in repairs and rebuilds

What is a turbocharger?

Firstly, turbochargers can be referred to as ‘turbos’ and ‘turbo engines’ all of which are the same thing. Turbochargers operate by utilising a turbine and air compressor, improving engine efficiency and fuel consumption. It forces air into the combustion chamber, creating a force and extra power. Turbochargers are powered by a turbine that’s driven by the exhaust gases emitted from the engine. Turbochargers improve engine efficiency by recovering wasted fuel and feeding it back into the engine. Meaning less waste and more power! Compared to naturally aspirated engines, turbos generate more power with every stroke making them a more sustainable engine choice.

Turbochargers are made up of three main components

1) Turbine – this is what the fast-moving exhaust gases power

2) Compressor – increases the amount of air that’s able to pass through to the combustion chamber

3) Centre hub rotating assembly – connects the compressor and turbine.

What is an industrial turbocharger?

Industrial turbochargers follow the exact same principle as previously mentioned, except on a much larger scale as they are build to power rail systems, ships and oil rigs. Running on fuels such as natural gas, landfill gas and marine diesel oil they are efficient and highly powerful. What makes Napier Turbochargers the most trusted? Napier are simply the world leaders when it comes to design and manufacturing of industrial turbochargers. Here at GTS we are considered independent experts of industrial turbochargers. We have been supporting customers for over 12 years and have over 50 years of industrial turbocharger knowledge within your team.

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