As independent experts in Napier turbochargers, we are proud to say our expert team are on hand to deal with Napier turbo charger spares, turbo servicing and consultancy. Here at GTS we have an expert team on hand who have experience dealing with vane damage, labyrinth damage or general impact damage of turbochargers, that can often be salvaged by applying the correct techniques. We also have experience repairing the compressor wheel on all turbocharger makes and can restore your component back to its original size in most cases.

Why choose Global Turbocharger Solutions?

  1. We operate worldwide
  2. We are certified ISO9001:2015 demonstrating the quality of our systems and processes
  3. We are firmly committed to providing a service that is second to none. Using all the latest equipment and technologies available today, you can be guaranteed a first class service for all your Napier turbochargers needs.

Napier Turbocharger spares are our speciality for series 5, series 7 and series 8 products, in particular NA295, NA355, NA455, NA297, NA357 & NA457.

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GTS is an independent supplier of spare parts which are compatible with Napier Turbochargers