The 7 Series napier turbo is the core turbo charger product from napier, offering performance trusted by many for over 20 years. These specialist industrial turbos are built for marine, rail and power generation. The Series 7 Turbo chargers make use of the latest innovations and technology, ensuring high performance through lower emissions and fuel use.

Key Benefits Of Napier 7 Series

  1. Firstly, the 7 Series napier turbo features a wide compressor map, which uses anti-surge technology to increase the surge margin. The wide turbocharger compressor makes the 7 series a great choice if you’re looking for durability and a component which won’t need replacing regularly. This makes it a very cost-effective choice of industrial turbocharger, saving you unexpected costs and interruptions to your operations.
  2. The 7 series napier turbos has optimised airflow to allow better performance. This feature enables the industrial turbocharger to reduce it’s fuel intake, which is better for the environment and also for your running costs.
  3. On the napier 7 series, the industrial turbocharger bearing and casing has been specially designed to ensure reliability. For a turbocharger that you can depend on, the NA7 models are a fantastic choice. Whilst initial purchasing price might seem costly, the long-term benefits of this model should result in vast cost savings.
  4. These industrial turbocharger models are built with an innovative shaft sealing meaning that there are no leaks, even with low engine loads. This is crucial to ensuring that your operations can run smoothly and unaffected by those dreaded engine leaks.
  5. These range of napier turbochargers are air cooled and can operate at higher pressures compared to any previous napier turbocharger series, making it a superior product.

Series 7 Turbocharger Servicing

If you’re looking for industrial turbocharger specialists, then you came to the right place. Global Turbocharger Solutions are independent suppliers of napier turbocharger parts and our team are equipped with extensive knowledge of napier series 7 turbos, as well as access to all of the latest technology in our workshop.

We stock napier spares for the napier 7 Series, as well as industrial turbocharger servicing- Including napier 7 turbocharger repairs, turbo re-manufacturing and general turbo maintenance.